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5 Questions with BonjourClem


There’s a good chance you’ve seen Clementine Desseaux’s beautiful face before. She’s the blogger behind BONJOURCLEM, a lifestyle blog full of good food, good style and good times; a talented model; and an accomplished entrepreneur. Not to mention she grew up in France and absolutely has that cool French girl thing going on that we can’t get enough of.

We have a soft spot for 12ish ladies who are super awesome and have their hands in everything, so we were thrilled to check in with her recently on some of the things (serious and otherwise) that have been on our mind.

It’s a new series called “5 Questions With” and there’s no one else we’d rather kick it off with!


Bonjour, Clem! Thanks for taking a few minutes to let us pick that gorgeous brain of yours. First we wanted to ask, How do you stay confident in a world that doesn’t exactly cater to our size?

By not thinking that a size is the source of my confidence. Confidence comes from within, it’s what’s underneath. 

That’s a favorite motto here at 12ish too! What about some of your favorite stores and brands to shop?

I love to visit a lot of shops for inspiration. Places like Kirna Zabete in New York, Merci and Colette in Paris as well as showrooms in the city. I follow a lot of bloggers and influencers that inspire me to try things and get better. But in the end I always do me, cause that’s all I can do. My style is pretty simple, I am just trying to make it sharper.

Staying true to yourself is key, it’s so easy to spot someone who’s not being authentic or is uncomfortable. It’s ruins the whole vibe. So what do you think is a common misperception people have about being “plus?”

So really what is “plus-size?” Does it even really matter any more? What about, who are the women behind the word? The women are perceived like fat, tasteless, powerless sometimes. When we are just about the total opposite. The industry tried to keep us locked down for a tad bit too long and now it’s about to explode!

Yes! It feels like the world is waking up… finally. One of the things we wanted to ask you about is menswear. As in, literal men’s clothing. I’m always dipping into the men’s shoe department for cool sneakers that fit my feet. Do you have a favorite item to borrow from the boys?

Oh yeah! Boyfriend is a huge part of my style! I love to steal my man’s jackets as well as his bags. He has the sharp and timeless style I wish I had so he inspires me everyday. We also shop at the same places, both in the men’s section, like at MACKAGE! He’s happy cause he gets to wear all my jackets too! I also love sneakers and find mine at the men’s shop too 🙂 See you there maybe 🙂

So funny, my man got a new jacket last week and I’ve been eyeing it! We’re planning to feature it on 12ish here soon. So last question, we have to know… what’s your go to coat for the season? We’ve got outerwear on the brain and are looking for inspiration!

I just pop-in at Mackage in Soho and start pulling leathers…I also love some Cuyana pieces as well as some oldies like my mum’s Max Mara or Burberries coats. Warm is the only criteria to make the cut! 

Couldn’t agree more! I think you hit a certain point in life and realize it’s not worth being cold or miserable…. especially with so many stylish options. This idea is something we’re working on for an upcoming 12ish post, so can’t wait to check out those brands!

Clem, you are a dream! Thanks for the chat, and probably see you in the men’s shoe department soon! xx

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