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Dress Up at DXL Big + Tall


Polo Ralph Lauren Mini Floral Print Oxford Sport Shirt – $110

Polo Ralph Lauren Tartan Plaid Stretch Shorts – $98.50

As a plus size woman, I’ve had so many bad shopping experiences where the clothing feels cheap and downmarket and the sales associates are rude or don’t know how to dress my body. My fiancé, John, has also run into the same problems time and time again. DXL Big + Tall has solved this, though. Their clothing feels high end and they offer a great selection of brands like Brooks Brothers that even come in extended sizes that I didn’t even know about. DXL Big + Tall is truly a one-stop shopping experience for all things big and tall because you can find everything you need in a range of sizes. Often for plus size men, most stores address only the “tall man” instead of the just big man who isn’t 6’7”, but DXL Big + Tall has an amazing variety of sizes for all men.


Polo Ralph Lauren Mini Floral Print Oxford Sport Shirt – $110.00

Oak Hill Waist-Relaxer Premium Pants – $68.00

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 12.05.56 PM

Polo Ralph Lauren Performance Polo Shirt – $98.50

Polo Ralph Lauren Tartan Plaid Stretch Shorts – $98.50

I’ve been shopping at DXL Big + Tall with my fiancé for years and we’ve never had a bad experience. The sales staff know how to speak to men who have trouble shopping or finding clothes that fit correctly. They know when it’s time to take new measurements or when they think you should go custom. DXL Big + Tall has in-store fit experts available in every store to help you find the perfect size. Tailoring is something they often recommend and their customer service is always wonderful.


Oak Hill Madras Plaid Sport Shirt – $65.00


Oak Hill Premium Stretch Pleated Pants – $68.00

 The store’s vibe is also something to note. Shopping at DXL Big + Tall is never a sad or frustrating experience. They are very upbeat with fun imagery and advertising throughout the store and it makes shopping all the better.


Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 12.05.32 PM

Ralph by Ralph Lauren Comfort Flex Linen Suit Jacket – $248.00

Ralph by Ralph Lauren Linen Flat-Front Suit Pants – $98.00

My fiancé and I recently took a trip to DXL Big + Tall in search of clothes for an upcoming vacation and for his new job this summer. With their spring/summer products out, we had a great time playing and trying different things on. I challenged John to try things on that he wouldn’t normally wear. He never thought about wearing a linen blazer, yellow pants, or a printed shirt before, but he now loves them. He fought me on a few pieces, but in the end, we ended up buying them because he loved everything.


Vineyard Vines Stripe Sport Shirt – $89.50

Vineyard Vines Performance Breaker Shorts – $95.00


True Nation Watermelon Print Sport Shirt – $49.50

John just started his internship at a law firm and he’s been looking for professional and lightweight pants for the office. John has worn DXL Big + Tall’s in house brand, Oak Hill, for a while and we stocked up on even more of their line on this trip. It was really exciting to play dress up with my fiancé because I don’t think men get to experience that type of shopping often. It was fun to watch him play and try new things.


Oak Hill Check Sport Shirt – $65.00

Oak Hill Premium Stretch Twill Pants – $68.00

brookes broher, ralph laurne, oak hill

Brooks Brothers Classic Navy Blazer – $598.00

Polo Ralph Lauren Stripe Performance Sport Shirt – $110.00

Paisley Bowtie – $28.00

Oak Hill Straight-Fit Waist-Relaxer Stretch Twill Pants – $65.00

If you’re looking for a great experience you should definitely take a trip to DXL Big + Tall! They have so many options that you are sure to find the perfect piece! With Father’s Day just around the corner, here’s a coupon code to help you find that extra special something for the man in your life. Use coupon code “DXL” online at checkout for $30 off $100 purchase; can also be used in-store.

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