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Hamburg City Guide with Emma Sanders

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If you’re looking for a new girl crush, you need to know Emma Sanders. She’s beyond stunning, couldn’t be sweeter, and thanks to an in-demand modeling schedule does her fair share of traveling (and then some!).

We asked her what international city she feels the most at home in, and the NY-based, New Zealand-born beauty said it’s definitely Hamburg, Germany. It’s where she went to University, where she began her modeling career, and where she discovered bratwurst.

Is Hamburg on your bucket list? Keep reading for Emma’s tips on eating, sleeping, drinking, and shopping in one of Europe’s coolest towns!

What do love about Hamburg?

Hamburg has been my home for the past 8 years. Surprisingly most of the German fashion industry is located in Hamburg and not as one might expect in Berlin. It’s vibrant and such a friendly and green city.

Best way to get around?

The best way to explore Hamburg is by bicycle in my opinion, but if this doesn’t work for you then the buses and metro are easy and relatively cheap options too. Everything is organized and works, because hey, we have to hold up our reputation as Germans!

What hotel do you recommend?

I recommend staying at the EAST Hotel. It is right next to the infamous Reeperbahn, a street lined with popular bars, restaurants, cafes etc, and close to the Hamburg Harbour. 

Where do you go for a good meal? 

The Reeperbahn has some of the finest sushi in town, but if you’re not into sushi I recommend Bullerei in the very hip area of Hamburg called Schanze (where I lived in for many years and my favorite area in Hamburg). You’re bound to sit next to the odd man-bun hipster but there is a great and friendly atmosphere. I believe it has the very best dry-aged steak in town, so go and see how your knife glides through the meat like butter.

To get a taste of the famous traditional German culture, go to Hofbräuhaus, where you’ll find yourself sitting along long wooden benches, drinking German beer out of one liter glass jugs and eating Bratwurst (sausages) while a traditional German live band provides the extra touch to your experience.

Any activity suggestions? 

The Alster acts like the liquid heart of Hamburg. There is always something going on there, from tiny white little sailboats scooting over the water during a regatta to stand up paddling. You can find this massive 160 hectare lake in the middle of the centre surrounded by parks, shops, streets etc. 

Speaking of shops… where do you like to shop?

Also in the Schanze is a very cool clothing store called Kauf dich Glücklich, which means, “Buy Happiness.” It is a store for men and women and and with Scandinavian designers from Fillipa K to Cheap Monday, you’ll find it all here. They also have a section where they feature new and upcoming local designers, which I love to explore.

Best spot for a bit of culture?

Affenfaust is a trendy but small gallery in the alternative but famous quarter of St.Pauli. It is open late and is located between bars and all kinds of late night hot spots. So when you meet somebody in a bar next to it, why not hop over and test their taste in art?

Best spot for a drink?

For a great cocktail with a killer view I recommend the bar 20 Up on the very top floor of the Riverside Hotel. I fell in love with this place instantly, because they carry my favourite rum Mount Gay, which is not easy to find in Germany! When the sun goes down you overlook the entire harbour, all lit up with twinkling lights. 

Where do you go for music and nightlife? 

If you want to get a taste of the famous German electronic music scene, I recommend Übel&Gefährlich, which means, “Nasty&Dangerous.” The club is located in the top of a massive Second World War Castle/Bunker. One doesn’t go out to a club earlier than 1am, and the nightlife here is always bound to go on till late in the morning, giving you a breakthtaking view of the sun rising over Hamburg and it’s harbor.

Any fashion tips? 

Hamburg is very casual when it comes to dressing up for going out. You should always look like you have put no effort into your outfit but are looking damn cool at the same time. A biker leather jacket and some cool boots will get you everywhere in the city!

Any final recos? 

A must do in Hamburg is the Fishmarket. It opens up on a Sunday morning at 5am and is right next to the Hamburg Harbour. It is a tradition to go there after a long night of partying on the Reeperbahn and grab a freshly caught fish in a bun and listen to the comedic market vendors’ scream at each other as they compete for their customers. Here you’ll feel the true rough and rugged soul of Hamburg.

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