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Talking Surf & Swim With Bo Stanley

The12ishStyle - Bo Stanley

Bo Stanley is one of those girls who’s cool as F and can’t really help it. She surfs (like, insanely well), models, has the abs of our dreams and knows a thing or two about the best swimsuits for curves.


The closest I will ever come to actual surfing is probably stand up paddle boarding on a super calm day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be obsessed with surf culture like everyone else. Are you thinking about giving it a try? Looking for a new ab workout? Want to know why full coverage bottoms are the worst (it’s so true)? Keep reading, Bo’s got the goods!


The12ishStyle: Hey Bo! Thanks for chatting. So how did you get started surfing?

Bo Stanley: I started surfing at age 5, my mom and Dad both surfed so I was sort of born into it.

12ish: What do you love most about it? 

BS: I love that I can go out there and detach from the world. The ocean has a way of keeping me centered, humble, excited, calm and happy all at once! It really is a mind, body and soul kind of sport. 

12ish: Any tips for someone who wants to try but is intimidated?

BS: I think that every woman should try surfing at least once! Even just start out by taking a board out and paddling around on a small day. Just start getting used to the oceans currents and power. When you surf , you can’t hold back or have any doubts about yourself. So getting comfortable and secure in the ocean is a great first step. And then I’ll take you out ! 🙂 

12ish: It’s a deal! So your abs are INSANE. What are your workouts like?

BS: Thank you! They come and go depending on how much I surf or how much ice cream I eat lol. Paddling is such a killer core workout. I know the more I surf , the more defined my body and abs gets. It’s just a crazy awesome overall workout, and you’re having fun at the same time so you don’t even know you’re exercising. That is my kind of workout! 

12ish: What about diet?

BS: I eat mostly paleo or “Whole 30.” Lots of vegetables, meats, eggs, raw nuts and fruit. No bread, sugars, simple carbs or low fat things. I try to eat organic, whole foods and avoid the chemicals in the “low fat” items. Of course I have days when I’ll eat that ice cream or bread I have been wanting, but I try to keep myself on a steady healthy diet because it gives me the energy I need to be so active all day. I try not to pay attention to my weight, and just eat what feels the best to my own personal body.

12ish: You had me at ice cram… So obviously you know swim suits better than just about anyone given how much time you spend in them! What are some of your favorite brands?

BS: I definitely have a swimwear addiction! My all time favorite brand is Maaji Swimwear,  and I mix and match with a lot of other brands (Indah, Acacia, Lululemon, Forever 21)  I find Maaji Swimear really does well for curly girls. They don’t squeeze your hips or back and instead accentuate your curves. 

12ish: Any tips for 12ish girls who are shopping for swimwear? 

BS: I see so many brands for curvy gals that are so full coverage, which I think is the exact wrong idea. A curvy girl looks so much better in a Brazilian cut suit because it shapes her booty so much nicer than covering it up with a diaper looking bottom. I always figure, this is my body and my curves and I am going to show them off, not hide them with extra material. Flaunt it ladies!!!

YES Bo I couldn’t agree more, less is more when it comes to swim suits! And obviously I am all for flaunting it 🙂 Thanks for the awesome tips!! xx

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